Week 10: From seed to blossoming flower


I am the seed

surrounded by inert, dead material.

Through the Light and Sound,

Universal Mind

comes down and vibrationally touches me.

The shell and casings around me

shake and vibrate, shake and vibrate, shake and vibrate

until enough fissures have been created

and enough changes in the DNA of BEing,

that cells are born in the dissolution soup.

Cells which multiply

cells who know the Divine Blue print–

that which I am designed to BE and BE come.

These cells know what they want

and how to get what they need to grow.

The desire embedded in these cells

is fully aligned with the organs of desire

deeply buried inside my human self.

These cells grow and multiply

along the lines and design

of Universal Intention and Personal Desire

I feel them organizing

into long branches bifurcating,

then splitting again

crossroad after cross road

creating the web of root system

full of Divinity

full of creative power,

penetrating deep into the inert matter

turning it into Live Food

capable of nourishing my organs of joy

ease, relaxation, reciprocity,

action and creativity.

While I sleep, and while I draw,

while I see shapes, while I sing,

while I dance, while I open my heart

and touch others–seen and unseen–

in every present moment.

They create a bath,

Floating and swimming effortlessly

In the dynamic flow of giving and receiving,

Getting ready to pierce the crust of visibility

to becomeĀ a green shoot

eager to welcome the sun and those conditions

necessary for leaves, and buds, and finally

blossoming flowers…

dreaming of fragrances

floating upon the breeze.

Seed flowering