Week 2: Guided to shores which only yesterday seemed but a dream

It was but yesterday I witnessed Body at 166.4 pounds

And knew with a certainty only felt in the belly

That the dream of Body at 165 pounds

Would come into reality.

Witnessing, today, Body at 165.2 pounds,

I am stunned by the awareness

That I called this reshaping of Body

Into being,

And allowed myself to receive it.

It lives in me: this reshaping and this awareness

now rolled into one.

Its imprint cleanses, renews,

and rejuvenates my cells.

I am indeed born anew

with the consciousness that

I create

I allow

I receive.

And what I take in today:

–the shape of Body

–the working intimacy and partnership with Body

–the consciousness of intricate inner workings of Body

and their messages for our Time.

–the oneness with Body Consciousness,

Are all shores upon which I stand firmly

and Body consciously today

And which for so long, as recently as yesterday-long,

seemed but a very very distant dream:

always glimpsed, always approached

but never fully grasped.

And now,

now in Bliss

The dream has grasped me

and reshaped me into the new life.

–Reflections on witnessing the playing of Og Mandino’s scroll I playing out in my life.