Week 3: Colors, shapes and doing it now!

I spent week 2 in real glee over uncovering the myriad ways that blue rectangles appear everywhere, and are contained one within another to infinity it seemed at times. I had such joy and child-like curiosity about how many new places I would uncover blue rectangles in each day, that it totally surprised me that my task did not get done! I was deeply involvedĀ in another task that had been overdue and which called me insistently, the completion of which conflicted with the task on my index card.

From the first in this course, I have been seduced by the idea of “Harmony in the world within” It has seeped into deep places in my mysterious mind and within this place I call Soul, providing great comfort and direction. It has become my mantra every day and especially in situations that threaten to shake my world or take me by surprise. So upon realizing that my task was undone as I sat to hear this week’s webinar, and feeling the instinctual “beat myself up” response, I called on harmony in the world within instead…I wondered, “What would harmony in the world within do or feel right now?” And let go into surrendering to the inspiration and learning from the webinar.

To my great surprise, the following day, I had only seen red circles at traffic lights and the rear lights of cars–nothing creatively out of the ordinary…but when I got home, this force compelled me to do this week’s chore NOW! DO IT NOW!! kept chanting itself in the audio tracks of my mind, until I surrendered and got the chore done. This was a multi-step task; and every day, EFFORTLESSLY, the little chant DO IT NOW! would play and the next step would get done, no matter how tired, happy or energized I felt!

I am mesmerized by the process–so elated to see myself accomplishing a chore without pushing myself or beating myself up. I have watched myself allowing to each day its step and not rushing or pushing to “hurry up and get it all done” in one fell swoop. There is sweetness in this new way, a certain peace, a feel of trust and a trust in following the pace and blossoming of a process, even the blossoming of a mundane chore unto completion.

I feel both humbled and grateful.